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Our mission is to put people back into Property Management, by actively listening, responding, and providing compassion in every interaction with our clients.

Our vision is to redefine the property management industry, focusing on delivering an exceptional customer experience, both internally and externally, through every interaction of the client relationship. 



Working in property management from the ground up, we saw disgruntled homeowners frustrated with the lack of quality customer service received from property managers, assistants, and executives.  Management companies overextended their promises and under delivered, creating unsatisfied homeowners. Broken promises and missed deadlines created a lack of trust between the company and the client.


Homeowners were dealing with the stress of everyday life, compounded by a complacent, reactive approach to problem solving in areas that were most important to them: their home. 

Likewise, managers were overworked and underpaid, creating high turnover in organizations.  This turnover was detrimental to the success of the management company and created a constant state of flux in communities.


Something had to change. There had to be a way to balance the workload of the managers so that they could enjoy a happy work/life balance, while creating a positive atmosphere where managers could not only work but develop a career they would enjoy. Residents also deserved prompt and immediate attention to their concerns, which revolved around their most valuable asset: their home.

Bricck Property Management was established to redefine the entire property management industry. At Bricck, we are disrupting the industry with big data and technology first, followed by putting the “People” back in property management.  By creating a positive atmosphere for our internal customers (team members), our internal happiness will promote and emulate through to our external clients – our residents, Board Members, and contractors.  By demonstrating our authentic compassion for people and the industry alike, Bricck is able to provide and deliver exceptional property management services.

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