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Management Services at a  fraction of the cost

Why pay for a part or full-time management contract when it may not be needed? 
Bricck is happy to provide hourly and flat fee services for your community or property!

Our Consulting Services include:

  • Temporary Staffing

  • Permanent Placement Staffing

  • HR Services

  • Hourly Property Management Services

  • Review and/or drafting of Rules and Regulations 

  • Review and/or drafting of Administrative Resolutions

  • Lease Administration

  • Collections (1st and 2nd Stages)

  • Draft Operating and/or Reserve Budgets

  • Peer Consultations

  • Election Administration

  • Attendance at Board Meetings as an Expert Witness

  • Drafting Committee Charters

  • Training for Boards and Committee Members

  • Training for Association Employees

  • Emergency Planning

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