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Doesn't my manager have anything better to do, then to tell me to clean my dryer vent?

Trust me, we wish we did. But nothing, is more important that your health, well being, and safety.

So what is it about Dryer Vent Cleaning that is so important?

Think about it:

The Management Company, your Property Manager, and the Board of Directors are not making any money by telling you, the homeowner, to clean your dryer vent. In fact, it is costing the Association time, effort, and money to send these reminders.

I promise you, Property Managers do not think sending reminders about dryer vent cleaning is fun.

I further promise you, Property Managers do not think it is fun to create check lists, see who has complied, and issue violations or reminder letters to those who have not.

And, Property Managers and their assistants, do not think it is fun to file papers, scan them, upload them, download them, connect them to electronic files, print them, etc.

Nope. There is nothing fun or funny about dryer vent cleaning reminders.

So what's the deal then?

Not cleaning your dryer vent on an annual basis, can cost you your life or your home. And, if you live in an attached home, such as a villa, townhouse, or condominium, it could cost your neighbors their lives or homes, too.


  1. Clean the lint trap, mom said. But did you clean under the lint trap? Behind the dryer? disconnect the vent that goes to the outside, or disconnect the vent cover on the outside of your home? My mom always said clean the lint trap every time. Okay mom. Thanks for nudging me and annoying me. To this day, I still do it. Then, I went around and escorted my first dryer vent cleaning company into my first high rise building I managed 10 years ago. And voila. They took apart that dryer where the screen catches the lint filter. They sucked out the lint - almost gallons of lint from every dryer. Every dryer had so much lint inside of it. It was scary. I went right home and cleaned out my own dryer. Cups upon cups of lint came out. I almost cried.

  2. Lint is flammable. Lint appears to be the perfect conductor for fire. It pieces together just perfectly. It is dry. And poof. One spark and up in flames it goes.

  3. Lint build up can block heat from escaping from the dryer. So where does the heat go? A machine is only intended to hold so much heat. Your dryer is plugged into an electrical socket. It is an electrical appliance. It can overheat. An overheated electrical appliance is a fire risk, to you, your family, your home, and your neighbors. Over 15,000 fires catch on fire every year.... Don't let it be yours.

  4. Birds and other animals like to nest in the dryer vents. In almost all cases, a dryer vent that serves just a unit is usually considered to be a part of that unit - leaving the maintenance, repair, and replacement of said dryer vent, the responsibility of the Homeowner. You want to make sure animals that could be nesting in this unit (birds, squirrels, aliens from outer space...) are not. They can create additional barriers of for heat to properly escape, and prevent lint from escaping to where it should.

  5. The Association, Board and Management, only have so much control in this situation. The Board can pass rules and fines to encourage homeowners to maintain, repair, and replace the dryer vent. Management can send out as many notices, reminders, and the likes that the Board requests or permits. But, you, the homeowner, need to maintain your home.

Please, help us. We want you to remain safe. We want you to have the full useful life of your electrical appliances (dryers are not cheap, right?). And, we do not want you or your community to have a fire. Fires are scary and life threatening. Let's prevent this together by having your dryer vent cleaned annually **.

**NOTE: Some communities have passed rules indicating that homeowners may have their dryer vents cleaned every-other year or once every three years due to a small family size or small amount of use. Best practice still states that every year is best, but at the very least, please follow your community rules.

Summary: Property managers are not mean :) they are just performing the job in which they are contracted to perform. Every person in a Community Association has a role and function. Homeowners are members of the Community Association, and are required to maintain, repair, and replace their home, as well as follow the Rules and Regulations of the Association. Board Members are charged with the fiduciary responsibility of the governance of the Community Association, and providing oversite to management. Management reports to the Board and carries out the day-to-day administration of the Association. In relation to Dryer Vents: Management provides education for the reason dryer vents need to be cleaned, as well as collects proof of cleaning from homeowners. Management encourages all Homeowners and Board Members to work with management together as a team to have a happily managed community. Because it is Management's Goal to keep the community well-managed, happy, and safe at all times.


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