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Homeowner and Resident FAQ: ACH Questions Asked and Answered

You Asked, We Answered. Here are several different questions that Homeowners have posed about ACH! Scroll down and find your FAQ and answer.

Please Note: According to Bricck's ACH agreement, ACH's are withdrawn on the 5th of the month that the payment is due for your Association or Property.

Some Associations (or Properties) pay monthly, where as others pay quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Therefore, your withdraw from your bank account will be the month that your payment is due, on the 5th of that month.

When Are my Payments Due?

Payments are due on the 1st of the Month that your Association Fee is Due. (They are not due by the late date; they are due on the 1st).

To allow you time to ensure that funds are ready and available for withdraw, Bricck has set the ACH date as the 5th of the month. This provides a 5 day grace period for you to ensure that your funds are available for withdraw. Please make sure that the funds are available - if you are signed up for ACH, we cannot stop the draw from happening --- we need 15 days, per our agreement, to stop it (and cancellation has to be provided in writing to

What Happens if the 5th of the month falls on a Holiday or Weekend?

Then the fees are deducted on the NEXT business day.

Today's the 5th, and I didn't see my funds deducted from my account. Is everything okay with my account?

Even though our database creates an ACH pull on the 5th, it takes a moment for communication to occur between our database, the Association's bank, your bank, and then your view of your bank's portal. While all of this is electronic, it can take about 2 business days for transactions to occur. Therefore, you should see the transaction post within 2 business days after the pull occurs.

If the pull occurs on the 5th, and the 5th is a business day, it should post by end of the day on the 7th on your bank statement (assuming the 7th is still a business day). If the 7th is not a business day (like in the graphic above) it may take another day or so.

How do I know if the ACH draw occurred?

There are three ways you can verify this:

  1. Login and check your bank account to see if the transaction occurred.

  2. Login to the web portal through If you have not registered for your account, please do so. You can check your account balance here, and you would be able to see an ACH payment.

  3. Download the Bricck Property Management Mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can register for an account and check your account balance from this app too! All payments and charges post.

Both Options #2 and #3 above are the SAME view that our Customer Care team at Bricck have available to them.

What if I want to cancel my ACH?

Please email at least 15 days before your next scheduled draw for this cancellation to take effect.

I want to sign up for ACH. How can I sign up?

An editable ACH form is available on your community's web portal in the documents. Login at to register for an account if you have not already done so.

If you do not want to transmit the form by email or by mail, you can also call and speak to our Customer Care Team at Bricck at: 610-596-8500. They can take your routing number and checking or savings account number over the phone for you, for a more secure action. They do not write it down, and will confirm the number with you verbally prior to entering it into the system.

You can also email Bricck at:

Where do I submit my ACH form after it is completed?

The ACH form can be submitted by email or mail. There is an email address and mailing address at the top of the ACH Form for use.


Mail: 1008 West Ninth Avenue, Suite 130, King of Prussia, PA 19008


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