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Homeowner and Resident FAQ: How Do I make a Payment or Pay My Condo/HOA fees?

We absolutely love receiving phone calls, emails, chat questions and the likes from Homeowners with this frequently asked question!

Bricck is proud to be able to offer the most amount of ways possible to accept your Condominium or HOA fee payment!

Pay Online with Ease! That's right. You can login into and click on the web portal button. This will re-direct you to your community association's web portal where you can pay your Association fee by e-check or credit card payment.

Note: a small surcharge is applied for e-checks and credit cards due to 3rd party processors. Fees are noted on the web portal.

ACH or Auto-Debit: Take remembering out of the equation! ACH or auto-debit is available through Bricck for your Condominium or Homeowner's Association fees. Visit and click on the web portal button to login to your Community Association's web portal to download the ACH form, or call Bricck at: 610-596-8500 to provide your checking account or savings account information over the phone.

ACH or Auto Debit is deducted on the 5th of the month that your payment is due, and takes up to 2 business days to post on your bank's web portal or mobile app. If the 5th falls on a holiday or weekend, the ACH will be deducted on the next business day.

Check, Money Order, or Certified Check: Many residents still prefer to mail checks, money orders, or certified checks, and we are happy to assist you in this payment method. All checks, money orders, and certified checks should be made payable to the Association and mailed to the payment address.

Allow 5-10 days for mailing and processing of checks, money orders, and certified checks.

Bill Pay: Bill pay is when a homeowner utilizes their own bank and their own bank's web portal or their own bank's mobile app to mail a check to the Association. This is a free service from most banks, and prevents homeowners from ordering checks, and buying stamps or envelopes.

Notes about Bill Pay:

- Bill pay checks should be made payable to the Association.

- Some Banks pay by Bill Pay electronically, allowing funds to immediately transfer.

- Bill pay automatically deducts funds from your account the day you have the check written (not the day it posts to the Association's account).

- Bill pay take up to two weeks to mail a check and post to the Association's account.

Allow 10-14 days for the mailing and processing of bill pay.


Bricck Property Management is a boutique Property Management firm, with corporate offices in King of Prussia, Pennyslvania. Bricck serves Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, providing best-in-class property management services to Condominiums, Homeowners Associations, Planned Communities, Lifestyle Communities, and Active Adult Communities. Contact Bricck today for your free proposal.

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