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Homeowner and Resident FAQ: How Do I Sign Up for ACH (Auto-Debit)?

NEW! You can sign up for ACH directly on the web portal at Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Login to the web portal

  3. Click on pay assessment

  4. Click on pay by e-check (this is where it deducts it from your bank account)

  5. You can select one-time payment or recurring payment.

Note: One-time payments are $.95 each. Recurring payments may incur a $5 annual fee, depending on your Association (some Associations charge this back to the homeowner; others include it as a common expense for the Association's day-to-day administration). Please ask your Community Manager if there is a $5 fee that will be billed to your account. The $.95 one-time fee is automatically charged at the time of the transaction to the homeowner, regardless of where the Community member resides.

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