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Homeowner and Resident FAQ: Is Bill Pay REALLY the Best Choice for Me?

What is Bill Pay?

Bill Pay is a method of paying your Association fee through your Bank's website or Bank's Mobile app. It prevents you, as a Homeowner, from buying checks, stamps, and envelopes. Banks typically offer this service, for free.

Sounds great, right?

Here's the Catch:

  1. When you pay by Bill Pay, your payment is automatically deducted from your checking account. doesn't mean that it was immediately received by the payee. If your bank uses an electronic payment system, it is typically received in a few days. Unfortunately, few banks use a 3rd party electronic payment system. Most mail checks.

  2. If your Bank DOES NOT use a 3rd party electronic payment system, they are mailing a check to your payee (or the Association). In this process, your bank is using a 3rd party check mailing system. This means that your bank is cutting a check to the 3rd party mailer "Bank Processing Center" who then, in turn, pays the Association.

  3. It can take two weeks for your check to be received, processed, and deposited. Because your bank is taking the funds from your bank account and writing a check to a 3rd party, who then pays the Association -- your check can take up to two weeks for your Association to receive payment. During this entire time - your funds are not in your checking account, but they are also not posting to your Association's account, either.

  4. If your Association fee increases, you will need to contact your bank to increase your fee yourself. As your bank account is private and not managed by Bricck, Bricck cannot change or alter your Bill Pay payments on your behalf. We apologize.

NOTE: DO NOT PLACE A STOP PAYMENT ON YOUR CHECK. If you place a stop payment on your check, you will be charges an NSF/Stop Payment fee when the check arrives at the Association's bank. Two week processing for Bill Pay is normal.

What's the Solution to Bill Pay Troubles?

Bill Pay is a valid form of payment and used by many residents. They note that it can take up to two weeks for payment to be received and that funds are deducted from their checking account, without posting to their Association's account (on the Web Portal or Mobile App) for up to two weeks.

If you are a Homeowner or Resident who does not want to have a check outstanding for 1-2 weeks from your account, this may not be the right method of payment for you.

Please consider the following alternatives:

  1. ACH payment allows for automatic deduction from your checking or savings account the month that your payment is due, on the 5th of that month. If the 5th falls on a holiday or weekend, it will be deducted on the next business day. ACH's take up to 2 days to post to the Web Portal and Mobile app at Bricck and your Bank.

  2. Credit Card Payments can be made at or on the Bricck Property Management Mobile App. There is a 3.25% convenience fee per transaction. These payments can be made re-occurring or one-time.

  3. E-Check payments can be made at or on the Bricck Property Management Mobile App. There is a $1.99 convenience fee per transaction. These payments can be made re-occurring or one-time.

  4. Write a check from your check book. If you have a checkbook at home, you can also write a check by hand and mail it to the payment location (same address as your Bill Pay) and include your account number on your check. Money orders and certified checks may also be mailed to this address. Please allow 7-10 days for mailing of paper checks from your residence or preferred mailing address.


Bill Pay is one of many ways that Residents and Homeowners can pay Association and Association related fees at Bricck Property Management. Other methods of payment include: ACH, Credit Card, E-check, Check, Money Order, or Certified Check. Bricck offers as many payment options as possible, including payment through our Web Portal and Mobile app, in order to make payment as simple as possible for Homeowners and Residents, each in their preferred method of payment. Checks, money orders, and certified checks should be provided 7-10 days for mailing, where as Bill Pay may take up to 14 days for processing. Residents should plan accordingly to ensure that their payment is made on time to avoid late fees.


Bricck Property Management is a boutique property management firm with Corporate Offices in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Bricck specializes in the management of Condominiums and Homeowner's Associations, providing best-in-class property management services to the Delaware Valley, and throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Contact us today at: Phone: 610-596-8500, Email:, Website: for a free, cost-efficient, high customer service level proposal today.

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