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Homeowner and Resident FAQ: Where do I send my ACH form?

Welcome to Bricck! We enjoy having new homeowners purchase homes in the communities that we manage, as well as on-boarding new clients and continuing to grow our Bricck Property Management Family. If you are an already existing resident looking to change your payment methods, then you are in the right place too, and we are happy to be of assistance!

What is ACH?

One of may ways that you can pay hassle free at Bricck is by signing up for ACH, which is also called auto-debit or direct debit. This is when you provide Bricck with authority to access your checking account or savings account (you have to confidentially provide us your routing and account information), and your association fee is automatically deducted on the 5th of the month that the fee is due.

Depending on your Association, there may be a small convenience fee associated with this process; please ask us for clarity upon sign-up so that you are not surprised.

You can sign up for ACH a few ways.

  1. Email your form. You can email your form to

  2. Mail the form to the correspondence address: Bricck Property Management, 1008 West 9th Avenue, Suite 130, King of Prussia, PA 19406.

  3. Call our office at: 610-596-8500.


Bricck provides all Homeowners with as many payment options as possible, so that each Homeowner can chose which payment option he/she/they prefer as everyone has a different preference. ACH is an easy way to always avoid late fees and never have to remember to increase your fees manually if the budget were to increase (Bricck takes care of that for you!). Whenever in doubt, feel free to email us at: or call 610-596-8500 for assistance as we are glad to help.


Bricck Property Management is a boutique property management firm with corporate offices in King of Prussia, PA, and a satellite office in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We are pleased to provide service to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Florida and are continuing to expand! Contact us today for a cost effective and high customer service level proposal!

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