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Homeowner and Resident FAQ: Why do I need an Architectural Request (ARC), Anyway?

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Before we learn how to submit a request, let's back up a step and learn what an Architectural Request is, as well as when and why one is needed.

What is an Architectural Request?

An Architectural Request, is any change that is made to the exterior of a home, or the interior structure of a condominium, that requires the approval of the Board of Directors or Council of an Association. Architectural requests are sometimes called Property Modification Requests (PMR's) or Architectural Variance Requests (AVR's). For the purpose of this article, we will use the term Architectural Request, as that is standard terminology in the Community Association Institute (CAI) and Community Association industry.

When Do I Need to Place an Architectural Request?

If you live in a Condominium, Homeowner's Association, or a Managed Community, chances are that any time you are performing work on the exterior of your home, you may need permission to do so before you do it.

If you live in a Condominium or Co-Op, and the work involves plumbing, electric, drywall, or structure, you might want to pause, and ask your manager, too. Not only may you need approval from your Condominium or Co-Op Board, but, you may also need a permit from your municipality (including scheduled inspections).

Why Do I Need an Architectural Request?

An Architectural Request is a variance from the original construction of the building. If you have this variance approved, it is important to keep that approval with your important Homeowner's Documents (like your deed).

If a new Management Company or Board of Directors come along, they may issue you a violation for this "variance" and your Architectural Request will prove you had permission to proceed with this "variance".

When you sell your home, the new owner will also be able to receive this important approval that you already received.

Architectural Requests also help ensure that everyone is following the Rules. Remember, Rules are in place to protect the property values of the homes in the community and to enhance the value of the community. Rules are intended to promote harmony and peaceful living. Consider, if everyone followed the rules, and everyone got along, a peaceful neighborhood would exist.

Likewise, if everyone broke the rules and failed to maintain architectural standards... property values would decrease, morale in the community would decrease, and the purpose of a community association would cease to exist.

Now that we know what an Architectural Request is, when it is needed, and why it is important... here's how you can place an architectural request:

How Do I Place an Architectural Request?

To submit an Architectural Request at a Bricck managed property, you can do it a few ways.

On the Web Portal:

1. Go to and click on the web portal button.

2. Login, and go to my account.

3. Click on ARC requests.

4. Click on new ACC and fill out the information.

On the Bricck Property Management Mobile App:

1. Click ACC Request from the dashboard.

2. Fill out the information.

By Email:

1. Download the ARC form from the documents section of your Community Association's web portal, fill it out, and submit it to:


Knowing is half of the battle. Many homeowners do not realize the purpose behind Community Associations or why they were formed. A Community Association exists to promote peaceful harmony amongst neighbors, protecting property values, and enhancing community life. Where able, property values are increased over time. Rules, such as Architectural Standards, help maintain and increase property value and morale in a community. Knowing why Architectural Standards and rules exist, is helpful in understanding why we have to submit Architectural Requests for approval. Submitting requests for approval can be very easy, and Bricck offers several ways it can occur through the web portal, mobile app, or email. The choice is yours!


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