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Resident and Homeowner FAQ: How do I place an Architectural (ARC) Request?

You can place an architectural request in one of three methods: through the web portal, on the Bricck Property Management Mobile App, or by email. Any of these choices are excellent options for you!

How Do I Place an Architectural Request?

To submit an Architectural Request at a Bricck managed property, you can do it a few ways.

On the Web Portal:

1. Go to and click on the web portal button.

2. Login, and go to my account.

3. Click on ARC requests.

4. Click on new ACC and fill out the information.

On the Bricck Property Management Mobile App:

1. Click ACC Request from the dashboard.

2. Fill out the information.

By Email:

1. Download the ARC form from the documents section of your Community Association's web portal, fill it out, and submit it to:

Review and Approval Process:

After submission, please allow 2-4 weeks for review, comment, and approval. Do not assume that silence is approval. In many Associations, you must receive written approval in order to proceed.

Most architectural requests have to be submitted to a Committee and then a Board, or they are reviewed at the next Board Meeting.

We know that your request is important to you, and that you want to be able to schedule your repair, maintenance, or new installation as soon as possible. We will expedite your request as quickly as possible. Please remember that the Committees and Boards serving your communities are volunteers too! And we appreciate their time, and effort, in serving.

Thank you!!

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